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Overview on Përmet

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Located just a few kilometers away from the sea, Lezhë enjoys a mild, Mediterranean climate. Not far from the town, next to the coast, you can find the Kune-Vain-Tale Nature Reserve, characterized by sandy beaches, lush woods and rich flora and fauna. The main monument in the city is the Skanderbeg Tomb, commemorating the national hero, located inside Saint Nicholas Church; but you can visit the ancient castle overlooking the town as well: as majestic as the one built in Shkodër, it offers aLocated in the south of Albania, in the backcountry, Përmet lies in an area characterized by unspoilt nature and beautiful landscapes: far from the main mass tourism destinations, this is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing nature holiday, and it is a good starting point for hiking and excursions. This village nestles in mountains, gorges, woods and fields, in a territory which is rich in clear rivers and hot springs, but the area offers an unexpected variety of cultural and historical sites.   breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.